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I have this feeling that Chesnaught and Greninja weren't originally planned to be their current secondary type, and Game Freak did it just to troll everybody. We all know that Game Freak are huge trolls.
Delphox and Chesnaught look crappy as who knows what. They really look  illegal... XD
And what kind of name is Delphox? Where do you think that name originated from?
Who knows but I still don't like it chest naught has a weird hunch back greninja all the way 4 days to go.
Delphox is a fire psychic and it does look cool in someways :'(

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They appear to be, and have been confirmed by multiple sources. However, none of them are officially confirmed by Nintendo.

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Guess we will just have to wait a bit more.
Yeah. The games aren't far away now (only a week left!), but we'll just have to wait until they are released to find out if these are the real things.
The last week is always hardest especially now we don't know much about the games because of the same worldwide release date.
I guess releasing it on the same day worldwide has its goods and bads. :/
True I suppose.
Actually they have been confirmed by many legitimate, reliable sources. Just not officially. They are definitely real, otherwise I wouldn't have put them on the site.