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I think in an interview, someone said that Pikachu would go through a change, and I'm assuming he meant that it could Mega-Evolve. Can this be true? I kinda wish it weren't.

It's gotta evolve into RAICHU first but mega raichu hasn't been added yet. Pikachu + Thunderstone = Raichu. But if Pikachu evolves in the Alola region it will instead evolve into Alolan Raichu, an Electric and Psychic type. That's pretty cool even if Raichu can't mega evolve. :)

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It's very possible. But it isn't confirmed fake nor real as of yet. We'll just have to find out. :)

It seems like it could be either way honestly. It isn't fully evolved, so that is one thing that should be considered. All of the Mega Evos revealed so far have been fully evolved Pokes. so one might doubt that a Mega Pikachu exists. But then again, Pikachu is the signature Pokemon, plus it's always been a fan favorite, so why not give it a Mega Evo?

Personally I don't think there will be one, but like I said, we'll have to find out later.

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I guess your right.. But so many people see Pikachu as the mascot. If it gets a Mega Evolve, I'm afraid the Mega might become the new mascot
I love Pikachu regular. It's just adorable and classic.
Looking back at this question makes me realize the interview was probably referring to Pikachu's new cry.
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Mega Pikachu hasn't been revealed yet. I've heard rumors though.

Here are some mega evolutions that aren't gen 6 Pokemon. These have been revealed:

Mega Venusaur
US Name: Mega Venusaur
Jp. Name: Mega Fushigibana

Mega Charizard X
US Name: Mega Charizard X
Jp. Name: Mega Lizardon X

Mega Charizard Y
US Name: Mega Charizard Y
Jp. Name: Mega Lizardon Y

Mega Blastoise
US Name: Mega Blastoise
Jp. Name: Mega Kamex

Mega Mewtwo X
US Name: Mega Mewtwo X
Jp. Name: Mega Mewtwo X

Type: Psychic/Fighting

Item Required
Mewtwonite X

Mega Mewtwo Y
US Name: Mega Mewtwo Y
Jp. Name: Mega Mewtwo Y

Item Required
Mewtwonite Y

Mega Blaziken
US Name: Mega Blaziken
Jp. Name: Mega Bashamo

Item Required

Mega Lucario
US Name: Mega Lucario
Jp. Name: Mega Lucario

Item Required

Mega Mawile
US Name: Mega Mawile
Jp. Name: Mega Kucheat

Mega Absol
US Name: Mega Absol
Jp. Name: Mega Absol

Mega Ampharos
US Name: Mega Ampharos
Jp. Name: Mega Denryuu

Mega Kangaskhan
US Name: Mega Kangaskhan
Jp. Name: Mega Garura

Mega Garchomp
US Name: Mega Garchomp

Mega Tyranitar

Mega Aggron

Mega Gengar

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