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Does anyone know Fennekin's gender ratio yet? I only ask because most starters are 82.5% male, and Braxien & Delphox are witch orientated.

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Braixen has vixen (a female fox) in its name.

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Sorry to say but even though it says it has a 12.5% chance to be female I just wasted a 40 minute walk after picking up my copies of Pokemon X and Y and on Y the Fennekin was ALWAYS male. Still waiting for that supposed 7-1 ratio thing from previous Gen games to kick in.

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Oh balls. I wish they were more sensible about these things. :I
All of my Fennekins are female, and I have a lot.
I think it has something to do with breeding, because they don't want a bunch of starters floating around on the GTS.
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Right now, we cannot know. Pokemaster may edit Fennekin and its evo's page whenever we can know it. The time for somebody finish the game and then post it somewhere, so that Pokemaster can check and approve it on the fabulous Pokemondb.net.

But if you want my opinion, I believe that Fennekin will be different and will have a 87.5 % ratio of being a female Pokemon, 12.5 % to be a male. This is most likely because Braixen itself looks like a female Pokemon.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Read this (Funny):


In order to understand why could Braixen be a Female Pokemon. This implies Fennekin and Delphox to be, no ?

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sadly poor Braixen and delfox will most likely become victims of  Pokephillia because of how feminine it looks and because it blushes when you brush its ( skirt?) in poke'mon amie and seems happy.  .
maybe that way because its based on Delphos the spirit of the profesy (think i spelled wrong) and it was always a female
Wait, where did you get that pic of Delphox?
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Part of me kind of hopes that Fennekin's gender ratio is the swap of the normal. Face it, Fennekin's line is much more feminine. But, That didn't work with Meganium's line. So I think the gender ratio will remain the same.

Meganium was never depicted as feminine, at least not in the games; I know that Ash's Chikorita is female, but so is his Snivy. Meganium just had a huge flower going for it.