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What level does Fletchinder evolve into Talonflame?
What level does Tyrunt evolve into Tyrantrum?
And how do you evolve eevee into Sylveon?

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1) at lvl 35
2) at lvl 39 in the daytime
3) Maximum bond in Pokemon Amie

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np Charizard
Sylveon also (apparently) needs a Fairy move in its moveset during level up.
Why is that does it have any fairy moves in its move pool I just want  a Sylveon.
Eevee learns Baby Doll Eyes via level up. Again, this is apparent. Maybe it doesn't need a Fairy move, but I read it somewhere which also mentioned maximum bond on Amie, so I think it's worth keeping Baby Doll Eyes on Eevee just to be sure.
Yeah true.
Amie.... Gamefreak went way overboard with the French Theme...
for sylveon only 2 hearts in happiness and with a fairy move
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Fletchinder evolves at level 35.

Tyrunt evolves at level 39 during daytime.

To evolve Eevee into Sylveon, you need maximum Affection AND Enjoyment in Pokémon-Amie. This is best accomplished by spamming Poké Puffs until your Eevee won't eat any more, play mini-games to increase it's hunger, then repeat the process. It will take roughly an hour to max all stats. Your Eevee also needs to know a Fairy Type move.

If you breed an Eevee, it will learn a Fairy Type move at level 9. If you catch one in the wild on Route 10, it will have a Fairy Type move if it is exactly level 19. If you catch a wild Eevee at a higher level, it will learn a Fairy Type move at level 29. Furthermore, Eevee is compatible with many Fairy Type move TMs.

If your Pokémon-Amie stats are maxed, Eevee will evolve into Sylveon on the same level he learns a Fairy Type move. If you teach it a Fairy Type move with a TM, level it up once after.

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i have a sylveon, all you need is a fairy type move (baby doll eyes) or (charm)
and two hearts at least in Pokemon amie. I recommend you just feed it pokepuffs
as of for the other two question they have already been answered I just wanted to clear up the whole (sylveon evolution) issue