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My Eevee is level 21 (and she is so darn precious! :D) (<--- idk) and doesn't have a Fairy move so for now I can't evolve it ;-; When is the next time it will learn one?

Once is kewl

caught mine and it had baby-doll eyes :P
Mine too had baby-doll-eyes

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If bred, Eevee will learn Baby Doll Eyes at level 9.

If caught at level 19, it will already know Baby Doll Eyes.

If caught at a higher level, it will not have Baby Doll Eyes, but will learn Charm at level 29. You can also use the Move Relearner.

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Eevee learns Charm at lvl 29 or by breeding

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/eevee
Hope I helped! :D

ewwww Level 29
good luck