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Ok, heres what just happened. I was in a battle in Pokemon x when my evee evolved. Heres what I don`t get, it had all five hearts in Pokemon amie and yet it evolve into Espeon! why wasn't it sylveon?!

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Did yuo have a fairy type move? :3
I had trump card, last resort, double- edge, and quick attack. so no, I did not:(

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You need a fairy type move as well as max Pokemon Amie.

You must have done too much training during day or whatever, so it kinda sucks that you have to restart :[

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What he said!
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i guss it is kinda hard with Pokemon aime makeing friends.sylveon is a friendly Pokemon.so I will hold of the training. and do Pokemon aime a little less.or at lease until it the bar thingy is full.just pet evee alot.feed him and play to see you chances.

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