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I don't know which one to enter though :
physilithe ?

flare blitz
thunder fang
crunch ? <<<<<replace?
roar? <<<<<replace ?

or theres old reliable specilithe -

morning sun
solarbeam baby !!!

well some things need to change here I think but you tell me please cuz I don't have any idea :)

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What is Physilithe and what is specilithe?
do you mean Physical and Special?
Its a combination of growlithe and speciel or physical

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Growlithe can fill a variety of roles in Little Cup, thanks to its decent Speed and balanaced stats otherwise.

There's the usual physical set, like you said:

Flare Blitz
Iron Tail

There's a Special-based set, that's basically exactly what you said.

There's also a Supporter set that works quite nicely:

Flare Blitz

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Never forget Crunch and yes, replace physilitare with flare blitz.

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flare blitz - STAB
close combat- great power
sunny day-make sure flare blitz is OHKO
solar beam- great coverage,no need to charge in sun

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