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I'm getting really desperate now, this is what I did...

  • It happened all at nighttime (I changed my 3DS clock to 21:00)
  • My Eevee has FIVE hearts of affection on Pokémon amie, FIVE Poképuffs of fullness and FOUR musical notes of enjoyment.
  • My Eevee has gained 8 levels.
  • It has never fainted.
  • Eevee knows no fairy moves
  • It's not evolved into anything (Espeon, Leafeon, Sylveon)

So basically I've caught an Eevee that doesn't evolve...

What is wrong here? What have I left to do? HELP ME!!! Because I'm on my 3DS now.

Note: I have been sticking around Route 10 and Geosenge Town so I haven't got a soothe bell yet.

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In this game, happiness and affection are not the same. Umbreon needs happiness to evolve, which is increased by walking, using the Soothe Bell, Happiness O-Power, leveling up and taking vitamins (Protein, Calcium and Zinc etc). Pokemon Amie has nothing to do with happiness and instead increases affection, and the only Eeveelution to need affection is Sylveon. Also, the Soothe Bell is found in Shalour City, so it will be accessable soon. Vitamins are found in the Battle Maison for 2BP each, or in Laverre City for 9800 Pokedollars each. Befriending O-Power is found in Coumarine City.

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Thank so much, but where can I get all those happiness things?
And the only Eeveelution to need AFFECTION is Sylveon.
Thank you bobcat, updated it. My mind...it's broken T-T
Berries,some items,Idk whether its the same in x and y but poison can affect the happiness too.
Yeah, but I was listing ways to increase happiness. I also forgot to mention thhe Soothing Bag in Super Training.
Btw, you probily know this but you need lots of happiness (like getting massages, soothe bell, and more items)  and a high lvl and it has to be night or it will evole into Espeon, but really i have no idea if it is not evoling.
try to feed it qoulat berries to! (Sorry if i spelled it wrong!) but this berry is a mutation of a Oran berry and a pecha berry!