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my azurill is a level 22 and the little bugger still hasn't evolved.
it has a modest nature and I met it at level 7... after all that time it still hasn't evolved into a marill. I know it takes steps to help increase friendship, maybe the new rollerblades don't count towards that though?


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Walking 128 Steps (in Gen 5) only gives you +2 Friendship, and Azurill needs 220 Friendship to evolve, so walking isn't always the best route to go.

Other ways to increase friendship are getting a massage in Cyllage City, using vitamins (Zinc, Carbos, etc.), leveling up the Pokemon, using a Soothing Bag in Super Training, Pokemon-Amie, and using EV-lowering berries. Making your Azurill faint lowers friendship.


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It's 'cos you haven't given it enough friendship. ;)

Roller skating does contribute to walking activities, like egg-hatching. So don't worry!
There is no good information yet about exact friendship boosters since the hidden data hasn't been extracted out of the game, but what I can tell you is that walking doesn't contribute much to your Pokemon's happiness.

It was only about +1 in every generation, except BW and BW2 where it was +2. So I wouldn't rely on walking since, evidently, they don't contribute much. There are other ways, that contribute much more.

Try doing the following things:

  • Giving your Pokemon a massage in Cyllage City
  • Use vitamins! They cost a lot, but they can contribute quite a lot to your Pokemon's happiness. Especially if it's got low friendship.
  • Levelling it up.
  • Let it punch the stuffing out the 'Soothing Bag' in Super Training, despite it having no arms. :3
  • Using EV-lowering berries - if you're using your Azurill for competitive use I would recommend not doing this.
  • And of course, the Soothe Bell will do shtuff. :3

These will increase your Pokemon's happiness.
Try not to make it faint, let it eat bitter medicine, or trade it as it will hugely deficit your Pokemon's happiness.

And though it may not be much of a help, Laverre City has a woman that can rate your happiness. Check on this page and Ctrl + F for "It's amazingly" and it will come up. :3

Hope I helped. :)
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Probably the easiest method to max happiness is:

  • Find the Shell Bell
  • Fly to the Center of Lumiose City
  • Give the Shell Bell to Azurill
  • Get on your Bicycle
  • With a coin or coin like object, put it underneath the analogue stick like this
  • Proceed to do laps around the Prism Tower

If you hook your charger up whilst you go for dinner etc. you can just leave your 3DS on raising Azurill's happiness. Or if you just leave it for 5-10 minutes you can definitely be sure that it's max happiness.

Doing this takes absolutely nothing from you - no spending money on Vitamins or going to get massages in the game etc. all you need to do is to find the Shell Bell which I've provided a YouTube link for and find a coin in order to the the 'coin method' which I've also provided a link for.

And the beauty with this is, this isn't all the 'coin method' is good for. You can use it to get your Pokemon to Level 100 by dropping them off at the Day Care Center providing you have no eggs in your party or have 2 Pokemon in the Day Care that are in the same egg group and will have eggs. Leave it on whilst you're asleep. You can also hatch eggs easy with this, just have your DS sat next to you and you can tap the screen every time the 'Oh' message appears and wait for it to hatch - repeat.

Umm...'Tis the Soothe Bell, not the Shell Bell lol
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My Azurill evolved at level 14. Maybe you should keep it in the front of your party, and the switch it out when it's HP is low. That could prevent it from fainting, and get it to evolve faster...


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