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I had bought a Pokemon Pearl game on ebay that had all the events and all Pokemon, however I had only bought it to send Mew into my Pokemon Black so I can put that Mew in pokebank to transfer it into X and Y. I have a question about the Mew, though. Around 80% I know are hacked for sure, because they are all level 3 and have Wonder Guard. But, the supposed event Pokemon don't, so I'm not really sure if they are actually event or hacked. Apparently the Mew was caught in a pokeball, was from Hoenn, is level 10, it's ot is "Mystry", it's holding a lucky egg, and it was found at Jun. 26, 2008. I really want to know if it's hacked or not because Pokebank will probably not let hacked Pokemon go through and the pleasure isn't as good when it's a hack.


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Okay well if your Mew says you received it from an Event on Jun. 26, 2008 it is most definitely hacked because there was no Mew event at all that year. Although if it says your Mew was transferred to a Generation 4 Game on the Jun. 26 2008 it has a rather high chance of being Legit.

This Mew is the only Event Mew that has ever had an OT Mystry. As you can see if you click on the link it has the same info as your Mew. It is inside a Poké Ball, was distributed at Level 10 and it's OT is Mystry. This doesn't say it isn't hacked as players often check these event Pokémon out in order to hack more of the same Pokémon with the same details as the original Event Pokémon.

Although if your Mew's Trainer ID is 06930, your OT is Mystry and it says you met Mew in a fateful encounter then it has a high chance of being Legit.

Hope I helped :)

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Well it does say it's ID is 06930 and it's OT is Mystry, but it doesn't say it arrived at a fateful encounter. I think it means it got transfered on Jun 26.
What exactly does it say for it's Trainer Moto ?
Arrived at Lv. 10.
If thats what Trainer Moto means.
Yeah it is and okay well I'd say your Mew is Legal since I believe the fateful encounter part is removed from your Trainer Moto if you migrate it to another Game :)
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not hacked! there was an event with an item called the 'old sea map' which would take the player to birth island to battle a lv.10 Mew. the player could have captured the mew in a pokeball, and have named their avatar Mystry, resulting in the situation. the old sea map was released in japan only, but could be transfered between different language games via mystery gift using the wireless link devices that came with all emerald, fire red and leaf green games. I was lucky enough to have a pen pal in japan, she sent me her GBA SP via mail after she had data drained everything to pearl. I still have the map on my fire red version, plus the mew, and if I wanted, I could just transfer the map between green and red and amass a mew army, but I really dont want to go through the game so many times just to get the event over and over..... in summery, it is legit, somebody had the map on an Emerald version.

The Mew on Faraway Island is at Level 30.