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I just need to know what not to do

I'm also confused on which patch you should and shouldn't go on. Are you supposed to go on the shaking patch that is the farthest away? And someone told me not to walk on shaking patches that are on the border of the whole grass area, is that right?

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I just wanted to add a few things I found helpful while chaining:

  • You are supposed to walk into a patch that is at least 4 squares away from you and is not shaking adjacent to another patch of grass.
  • There are three types of shaking grass - slow medium & fast (well four if you count shiny shaking grass). In X&Y, you only have to look for fast shaking grass, whereas in DPPt you had to remember the way your first patch of grass shook.
  • You also shouldn't walk into the patch directly above you, because your avatar's (Serena/ Calem) head will block your view of that patch, meaning you can't tell if it's shaking or not.
  • Also, there's a rule with boarder grass - if the grass is shaking on the edge (where the grass ends), you can go into it but you should reset upon exiting the patch, whatever the new shaking patches may look like. Sometimes, if you enter a boarder patch, it could break your chain, but that only happened to me once (the music snapped back to the Route music).
  • A Pokemon trying to evolve or hatch will break your chain, so don't have an egg in your party, or the exp. share on if you have a Pokemon in your party that can evolve. Levelling up or learning a new move will not break your chain.
  • Selecting another key item will break your chain. That's why when chaining, you should only have the Poke Radar on the Y button and nothing else, so you won't make the mistake of selecting something other than the radar.

This video helped me a lot with chaining.

A good majority of this is posted amongst my links, but I still love this answer. x3
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For chaining in grass:

  • Don't use your roller skates or bicycle
  • Don't encounter a different Pokemon to the one your chaining.
  • Don't encounter the evil decoy patches.
  • Don't leave the area.
  • Don't save the game and resume the game at a later time.

Click here for tips on how to prevent these.

As for fishing,

  • Don't. Move. Your. Character. At. All. o3o
  • Don't pull up the fishing rod too early or late.

Click here more tips on consecutive fishing.

Also look here for a detailed guide on chaining, simply because I can't be bothered explaining. x3

Hope I helped. :)

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1) Do not enter a patch of grass that is barely shaking. It is a decoy patch and doesn't contain a Pokémon.
2) Once your chain is started, DO NOT step in the patch of grass directly above you unless you clearly see a sparkle come from it. It is hidden by your head and difficult to see whether or not it was shaking.
3) Once your chain is started, DO NOT equip your skates or bicycle. This breaks your chain.
4) Once your chain is started, DO NOT walk so far that all the shaking patches go offscreen. This breaks your chain.
5) Once your chain is started, always try to step in a patch of grass that shakes in the same way as the one you previously stepped in. If you step in a patch that shakes in a different way and it does not break your chain, start stepping in patches that shake in that new way, not the previous way.
6) Once your chain is started, DO NOT run away from a battle. This breaks your chain. Capture or faint the Pokémon.
Hope I helped!

I have a question about #5: When you say "a patch that shakes in a different way", do you mean a patch that shakes faster or slower than the previous one?
^ That actually only applies to DPPt chaining; in X&Y you just have to walk into fast shaking grass, which is much simpler.
Ok, thanks!