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I just cant beat my friend's combusken cuz im grass type.

Use a flying movew or a rock move like aireal ace or rockslide like he said(she?)

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For Grovyle:
Rock Slide (Coverage)
Leaf Blade (STAB)
Arial Ace (Infinite Acc)
Double Team (Make it Harder for them to retaliate)

And yes, it is quite difficult to beat Fire with Grass. I would use another Pokemon against Combusken if I was you.

How do I get all of them?
Thanks but I found a gulpin & it knew yawn I put it to sleep & I used groville to defeat combuskin with rock tomb.
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For me it would be:
swords dance- raises your attack sharply
cut-alright damage and a very useful HM
solarbeam-most powerful grass-type move I know
and giga drain-covers when HP is low

Um, Frenzy Plant is the most powerful Grass-type move. But ony Venusaur, Meganium, Sceptile, Torterra, and Serperior can learn it.
And leaf storm.
And Chesnaught....
And leaf storm is powerfuller than solar beam.
"Powerfuller" is not a word.
Frenzy Plant is more powerful than Leaf Storm.