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A good way to test is to put it through the GTS.

Since the GTS is hosted by Nintendo's servers, they will scan the Pokemon to make sure it's not hacked. Ask for an impossible Pokemon, to make sure no one will trade in the brief moment it will be up for. (Just in case! xD)

Also, you can always check with PokeBank, however that costs money. :P
You can also put the Pokemon in the many legitimacy checkers over the internet, to make sure.

If you don't have internet connection, or money (though I'd assume you'd have internet connection because most hacked Pokemon come through sources with internet connections such as trading etc. but whatever) then there are rumours that the blue pentagon is a way to see it's legitimacy. However, this is still unconfirmed as of yet.

enter image description here

Can you see the shapes below the Pokemon? The blue pentagon is on the left of those shapes.

Hope I helped. :)
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There are a few ways.

1.The gts(just what Indigo said). And the pokebank is not really a surefire way way to see if the Pokemon is hacked or not because many people transferred Hacked Pokemons through Pokebank,

2.If there is a blue pentagon under the Pokemon's image,then it means its not hacked.However,there will not be a blue pentagon if the Pokemon is transferred through pokebank. (Source)

3.You can always see its movesets,abilities and stats and confirm them with sources on the internet.

Hope I helped!

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i thought the pentagon was just there if it was gotten in kallos region
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Look for oddities that shouldn't exist. Like, I recieved a kangaskahn through wonder trade the other day that was lvl 1 in a repeat ball. it was named HACS which I didn't like so I decided to look at it after I did a few more trades. the whole 40mins or so I was trading my game clock did not change a single time so when I looked at the Pokemon and noticed it's lvl and ball I released it right away, fixed my game clock and I haven't seen anything else weird since then.

Yeah, I've got a few weird Pokemon, I've got a few level 1s in different balls, like luxury balls and repeat balls, releasing those right away >.>
You can breed balls in X Y.
Not100% true, I was breeding with my chespin and I got an egg in a great ball