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If you put a Pokemon in the Day-Care with no EVs and took it out again at level 99, then maxed out it's EVs, would it gain at least 63 points upon levelling up?

Also if you max out a Pokemon's EVs at level 1, then put it in the Day-Care and took it out at level 100, would it receive all them EVs?

I don't understand what your asking in your first question?

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Question no.1: No.
It doesn't work that way, that's like saying you catch a level 60 graveler for example, if you max out the EVs will it get a +50 stat boost upon the next level up in Defense, no it won't.

Moving on,

Question no.2: Yes.
If you put a Pokemon in the DayCare with no EVs it won't get any but if you max them out before putting them in, it will level up as usual getting those stat boosts.

Source: Experience

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