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I was thinking maybe Life Orb or Focus Sash.

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it depends on how you are using him - as a lead, anti-lead, sweeper, etc.

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Infernape is only really used in four roles; a Physical Sweeper, a Mixed Sweeper, a Lead, or an Anti-Lead.

If you're running a Physical set then I recommend giving Infernape a Choice Band or a Choice Scarf to hold.

If you're running a Mixed Set then I recommend giving Infernape a Life Orb to hold.

If you're using Infernape as a Lead or Anti-Lead I would recommend giving it a Focus Sash to hold.

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Mine has a Physical set, so I'll go with the Choice Scarf
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Try banding it or scarfing it. If that doesn't work try flame plate or fist plate for boosted STAB.