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I have 2 teams their not based on any teqhnique so im looking for a way to improve it :

dragon team:

garchomp my leading pokemon moveset: stone edge earthquake outrage dragon dance

charizard back up pokemon against all dragon weaknesses moveset-earthquake solarbeam sunnyday heatwave

dragonite moveset-outrage earthquake stone edge firench

my other team is a mix team :

tyranitar- earthquake stone edge fire fang crunch

swampert-avelnch waterfall stone edge earthquake

arcanine-solarbeam sunnyday flareblitz morning sun

so ow can I improve or make a teqhnique out of these teams


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Well, I guess you did'nt do the best you can when making the first team, because two dragons is too much for you - instead of Dragonite, you can use some tank or a wall, and for this role, I would use either Vaporeon or Umbreon for a great pokemon. their movesets would be:

[email protected]
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

[email protected]

For the second team, I would Change the movesets of your pokemon like this:

[email protected]Life orb
-Stone Edge
-Dragon Dance/Curse

[email protected]
-Hammer Arm
(This moveset is one of the best movesets I know. Courtesy of Swampert(The User))

Your Arcanine moveset is superior! Good job!

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I like your answer NjDevil!!
Thanks, PokemonBlack!
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Well your teqhnique I think is back up and effective strikes which is a good strategy but it won't get you past the final man
maybe switch the swampert with a torkoal to beat him.