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I used King's Shield with Aegislash and someone was able to hit me with Thunder Wave. Are there other moves like this?

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Looked at it, keyword "attack"

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These moves can bypass protect:


Hope I helped. :]

Edit: Protect should have stopped T-wave, so I don't really know what happened there. :/

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wow,exactly the same answer
I did it first though :/
Moves like T-Wave and WoW now go through King's Shield :3
Oh, my bad. Thanks, Dan. :D
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King's Shield is unable to defend against status moves or any of the following moves:
- Doom Desire
- Feint
- Future Sight
- Shadow Force
- Phantom Force

King's Shield can't stop status, which is why it hit. These moves pass through Protect as well:
enter image description here


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Immortal answered the question; you solved my problem.  Thanks! +1
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