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Ok I have

Espeon(Timid)(Special sweeper)
S-ball(Every psychic needs this)
S-beam(Covers Dark)
Calm Mind(Boosts awesome special attack and decent S.def)

Jolteon(rash sadly but at least I have hp Ice)(Special sweeper)
T-wave(Paralyze hehehehe)
HP Ice (covers grass, ground, and dragons)

Curse(Boosts def and attack and lowered speed further benefits payback)
Toxic(hehehhehe death to other walls)
Moonlight(You will never kill me!)
Payback(120 base power+stab+boosted attack equals death)

Glaceon(Modest)(Special Tank)
Ice beam(STAB)
S-ball(It's an eeveelution isn't it)
Wish(I cannot be killed muhahahaha!)
Baton pass(Baton pass stat moves that other team mates baton pass to it)

Vaporeon(Modest)(Special Tank)
Ice beam(Death to grass types)
Acid armour(Raise that defense stat)
Baton pass(Share the def boost)

Leafeon(Jolly)(Physical sweeper)
Leaf blade(STAB)
Return(Awesome power)
Swords Dance(DEATH)
Synthesis/Baton pass(I can't decide between never die and the capablity too pass on the stat up moves that his team mates and itself make)

I need help to decide which one to start with and which move for leafeon to know.

So you did took part of my advice speed freak dident you ?

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Baton pass would be good for leafeon so when it gets low, instead of healing you could switch out, if you used swords dance, and give that stat raise to umbreon or something. And I would go with vaporeon first and raise defense, then baton pass it to leafeon, then baton pass it to umbreon, after that play out the battle and if he goes down go with whoever you need to next.

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Seems Good. I'd Actually Go Grass Knot Over Signal Beam on Espeon though.
Lead With Leafeon, and go with baton pass over Synthesis.

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Seeing that your Leafeon has Swords Dance, there is no need for Baton pass because all the others have special attacks!