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Clefairy -- Moon Stone
Cottonee -- Sun Stone
Doublade -- Dusk Stone
Eelektrik -- Thunder Stone
Eevee -- Fire Stone/Thunder Stone/Water Stone
Exeggcute -- Leaf Stone
Floette -- Shiny Stone
Gloom -- Leaf Storm/Sun Stone
Growlithe -- Fire Stone
Happiny -- Oval Stone [held item]
Helioptile -- Sun Stone
Jigglypuff -- Moon Stone
Kirlia -- Dawn Stone
Lampent -- Dusk Stone
Lombre -- Water Stone
Minccino -- Shiny Stone
Misdreavus -- Dusk Stone
Munna -- Moon Stone
Murkrow -- Dusk Stone
Nidorina -- Moon Stone
Nidorino -- Moon Stone
Nuzleaf -- Leaf Stone
Panpour -- Water Stone
Pansage -- Leaf Stone
Pansear -- Fire Stone
Petilil -- Sun Stone
Pikachu -- Thunder Stone
Poliwhirl -- Water Stone
Roselia -- Shiny Stone
Shellder -- Water Stone
Skitty -- Moon Stone
Snorunt (f) -- Dawn Stone
Staryu -- Water Stone
Sunkern -- Sun Stone
Togetic -- Shiny Stone
Vulpix -- Fire Stone
Weepinbell -- Leaf Stone

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add what stones they need plz
Happiny evolves by level-up while holding the oval stone, but that still counts as requiring a stone!
>.> thats true!
I'll add their stones
kirlia can only evolve into gallade if it's male.
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Happiny needs a to hold the oval stone to evolve so your list is incomplete!
thanks for reading my comment.