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Yes yes...an inappropriate question yeah, yeah. But they have to go at some time, because I'm pretty sure they all drink liquids, right?

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I think that's the genderless pokemon's business...
They just go out of their bellybutton.
But a more distressing question is: How does the main character go to the toilet? You can play Pokémon all day, but not once does the main character stop to have a pee. Or eat anything, or sleep. Or go to school. They leave home at the age of 12, and never eat or drink anything, or go to the toilet. Game Freak logic.
we already know how  trainers and people  go to the washroom cause they are humans like us

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Just because something is genderless, it does not equate to having no genitals. For all we know, they could be hermaphrodites.

Additionally, most ghost types aren't real-life organisms, and are inhabitants of objects, e.g. Banette is an inhabitant of a doll, which is made out of plush, so how does it go to the toilet? Most ghost types have 2 genders, so I don't see why this question is limited to genderless Pokemon.

So the final and most appropriate answer is:


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Okay, I'm looking at these answers and I see potential. Except I know the real answer. First, we have to understand what pee is. Except we already know what pee is so we can skip this part.

Next, we have to understand how this pee gets there. Liquids enter the body and are excreted later in the body, or something like that. Basically, it's because you keep giving your Pokemon Fresh Water instead of Super Potion, you cheap sonuva.

Now we have to understand the difference between boys and girls. Boys are big strong and muscular, therefore they can withstand peeing standing up. Girls, however, are genetically weaker and must sit down. contrary to popular belief there is no bodily difference between boys and girls. You're either a sissy or not.

What about genderless? Well genderless just piss oil through their robot genitals and those legendary Pokemon aint got a fk in the world to give to go and piss.

So your answer is robo oil piss and nobody cares.

This... xD
Their like cars you have to give them an oil change xD
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Its Pokemon, they dont pee :l
But if you wanna use your imagination, they pee out of their mouths or whatever.

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For all you know,

Maybe they don't.

Imagine Klang having an urge to do it's business. I know Gamefreak is insensible but maybe theres a reason they decided to not ever reveal such facts.

Hope I helped (which I know I didn't)!

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They don't. Pokémon are magical beings, thus they do not have these neccessities that we unworthy humans do.
But really, I have no idea. Even if they are they probably have some way of releasing waste products, logically, but this a game and anime, they don't have to give us these details, and we don't need them. I hope this a good enough answer for you.