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I'm going to use it in-game, and in battles against a friend of mine.

  • Reflect
  • Light Screen

Should I give it Solar Beam and Ancient Power, or Solar Beam and Earthquake?
Maybe something else? I don't know what attacking move would be best.

Thanks in advance.

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In-game, almost any set can work, as the in-game difficulty of the AI is not very high.

Competitively, Reflect and Light Screen are great moves for Meganium, as it's usual role is being a Dual Screener, setting up both Reflect and Light Screen to help teammates. A good item to go with this is the Light Clay, extending the duration of the Screens from 5 turns each to 8 turns each.

For the other moveslots, Solar Beam is a definite no. Only in gen 5 did a method of inducing auto-Sun (excluding Groudon) come through, in Ninetails. Outside of sun, Solar beam takes 2 turns to charge, allowing the opponent to switch into either a resist or set up on you. Furthermore, 2 Giga Drains takes the same amount of time and deals the same amount of damage, as well as healing Meganium. For the last slot, I would recommend Leech Seed, to enable both passive Recovery and slowly damage the opponent.

The final moveset should look something like this:

Meganium @ Light Clay
Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD OR 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Giga Drain
- Leech Seed

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Thanks, but isn't there really any move to cover for it's weaknesses? Not even a move that does regular damage? I know it's a support pokemon in competitive battles, but ingame, and sometimes even in competitive  battling, couldn't it get a move for attacking too?
Earthquake is somewhat viable, along with Body Slam. However, defensive Pokes tend to be dead-weight in game, as most moves are attacks, and the simple style is hit hard and fast, both of which it struggles to do. But yeah, for in-game, EQ and Body Slam can certainly work.
Thanks for the help. Sorrry if I sound like someone who just CAN'T make up his mind, but I'm still thinking about the last move. Ancient Power covers for a lot of it's weaknesses, is special, but it gets base power 60 and only 5 pp, just because it may boost all stats, which is kind of useless. With Eartquake, I can cover fire, poison, and also electric types, but then bug and flying types are a major threat.
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Since this is SoulSilver, you get some interesting choices in:

Leech Seed
Leaf Storm
Body Slam

Against your friend.

I think the last two moves should be Leaf Storm and Synthesis, heres why:

  • Meganium lacks the immediate power for offensive moves, and since yours is a screener, it will take a defensive initiative and live longer with Synthesis.

  • Leaf Storm deals more damage than Solar Beam ever will in two turns. And since Drought does not exist in SoulSilver (outside Groudon of course) you don't have an infinite time limit for the sun to stay up.

  • Ancient Power has too less power and too small a chance for showing any use, don't use if possible.


In-game you could choose anything and get away with it. Maybe go for Body Slam or Solar Beam, or, if you want, go for the same moves as the competitive set.

Hope I helped!