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Hi there! I am playing through Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and am wondering which will be better with my team, gallade or gardevoir. My current team is: Sceptile, Vigoroth, Metang, Numel, Ducklett, and Ralts. I have both a male and female ralts and am wondering which final evolution would be better with the rest of my team. Also does anyone have any recommendations on a Pokemon to replace Ducklett, or is it good? I like it but I feel like I could do better with a different Pokemon. Thanks!

For the water Pokemon, you should get a Sharpedo

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Gardevoir, its tough to get dawn stone before victory road because without hoard training you wont get evs fast, and grab something like lotad over ducklett.

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Both Gardevoir and Gallade are good on your team. You might choose Gardevoir because it is hard to get a Dawn Stone during the game (just as Tadpokenerd said). It is better on the special side, but has a crippling defense base stat about 65. It doesn't even improve when you mega-evolve, so you would have to be careful around Physical Attackers. Normal Gallade seems to have around the same defenses, but M-Gallade tends to be more bulkier as it has 95/115 defenses and is a physical attacker. It all depends on which one you think is better. As I said before, Gallade and Gardevoir both are solid choices.
Personally, I would suggest Gallade. But you can decide for your self here:

As for Ducklett, I have no suggestions because I hadn't played it yet :P.
I hope this helped!

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Ijust clicked on your links, and it seems gardevoir and gallade both have defense at 65. But it isnt very hard to super train and fix it
Sorry I meant Mega-Gallade. I'll fix it now.
you cant get Galladite until after the main story.