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I have Abombasnow
leach seed
water pulse
energy ball

ice punch
night slash
aerial ace

ice beam(I use this pokemon on another team so no blizzard)
shadow ball
baton pass(same reason as i-beam)

Ice shard
rock slide(I do not have enough bp for edge)
???(No move tutor moves)

Articuno(I have a timid one)
ancient power

what now? I hate froslass and Glalie
I need another physical one My compter is semi frozen the keyboard only works sometimes if you have any tips to fix it please say so:) and when it works it doesn't work well

So far, l can say two things, but very small.
Get rid of Ancientpower on Articuno, it isn't that good of a move.

Give Mamoswine Stealth Rock, if it gets a chance to set up.

And is this going to be an ALL Ice team?
Do you take pokemon from Black and White? Here is a few suggestions.       


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Well, a good Ice type pokemon that will suit your team would probably be Walrein, because when Ice Body is combined with Hail and Blizzard as an addition, it can serve a wonderful tank with really high Hp and decent defenses.
This moveset can be great:


With this moveset it can defend and attack at the same time.

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@MidnightSky - Well (s)he did say a 6th Ice type.

@speed freak - As for a suggestion, maybe Dewgong. (or however it's spelled, I'm not one to care cause it's usually something crazy.) Water 'n' Ice would be useful, at least he's not weak to fire like everyone else.

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If Black/White is on the table, Bearctic seems like a good choice for physical tanker. High base HP and Attack. Monotype is kind of a weakness though (little type coverage).