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'Armor Samurott will run from February 5th 2015 through a code from the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter.''

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Okay, now I have real information.

For those of you with the European/Australian Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games, the latest event has officially begun. This event offers a Samurott with its Hidden Ability of Shell Armor, which was available in Japan previously. This distribution is obtained via a shared Serial Code which was originally given away with CoroCoro a couple of weeks ago. The code is POKEMON503 and is usable once per game within the Mystery Gift "Receive via Code" option. It will likely be available in North America in a few hours

Taken direct from Serebii seconds ago. It turns out that the Samurott code is not obtained via email, but is instead recieved by entering a code like it's fellow Unova starter brethren.

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