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It was traded to me and it was in a luxury ball and was lv 100 in oras
It also had ability natural cure and timid nature, it had the moves recover,swords dance, higa drain, and baton pass, its OT is KKK its exp points was 1059860 its and its ID no. Was 14668 it also says it was at lv10 and was from pokelink.

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Nothing seems wrong with it, but it's hard to tell honestly. As long as the place where it was met lines up with the rest of the Pokemon, then nothing points to it being hacked, but there's no definitive way. I would assume that it is legit, however.

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Why would you assume that?
Because there's no reason to assume anything else mostly.
Because celebis are commonly hacked
What did you trade for it?
Mesprit, also it says it is from pokelink, is that hacked? And what are the cons of hacked pokes? It also said it was gotten at lv 10
As long nothing is illegal, it doesn't really matter whether or not it's hacked. Unless you wanted to breed it, which Celebi can't do anyway.