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I was bidding on a Video Game Lot on E - Bay, and I won (Wasn't worth the $18.75 though...) a Pokemon Black (My only reason for bidding on it), a Diddy Kong Racing and a Scribblenauts. I started the Pokemon Black and I have a Lv.29 Snivy and a Lv. 24 Venipede. I'm about to go into the third gym and was curious if there was a way to get the Victory Pokemon without having to hack my unhacked game. I also don't really want to trade either, so please help!

Please and thank you!


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The only way to get him would be the GTS. Just be prepared to give up your Level 9 & under Zekrom.

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I actually laughed, good answer.
I borrowed my cousins AR and got a Level 9 & under Zekrom and it wouldn't work. Thanks for the comedic answer!