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For example, if a Pokemon is a Fire and Flying type, would it be any different if it's primary type was Flying and the secondary was Fire.

Noivern is a Flying and a Dragon whereas a Charizard is a Fire and Flying. Does this order have an impact on the Pokemon's overall performance?

Well Charizard was a Fire type first before evolving. They Probably did this to keep the Pokedex organised. In Pokemon annual 2014, it shows every Unova Pokemon (except Genesect), but instead of Pokedex number order, to make things easier, they had eg. Pokemon with Grass as their first type on one page and so on. This was probably to keep things fairly organised.
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that wouldn't effect the defenses of a Pokemon. the typing is just like that charizard 's main power is fire and it has got wings by adapting.

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Whether the type is primary or secondary, the resistances/weaknesses will be the same. Take Charizard into account for example. It has a x4 resistance to Grass and a x4 weakness to Rock. Even if you interchange the types, the resistances/weaknesses will stay the same.
In a nutshell: Order of typing does not matter

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What about non-battle things, like the pokemon contest in oras?
Still no
Type order never matters
Though I think in Sinnoh contests it does?
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In Generation 2, there was a glitch involving present.

In Gold and Silver (and any link battle with either of them), a glitch causes the level, Attack, and Defense variables of the damage formula to be replaced. The Attack will be replaced with 10, while the level will be based on the index number of the defending Pokémon's type, and the Defense will be based on the index number of the attacking Pokémon's type (if a Pokémon has two types, its secondary type will be used).

Starting Generation 7, there's a move called revelation dance, and its user's primary type becomes the type of revelation dance.
Additionally, Pokemon Showdown! (a fansite) sometimes hosts two formats called Same Type Stealth Rock and Mix and Mega.
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