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Im playing Pokemon hg/ss and I was going to get these members for my team:
-could someone give me balancing movesets (Big hitters, physichal attackers, ect.)
-EVs, items, natures, ect.

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Your team is fine, but you will be stuck with Chikorita before you go to the Sprout Tower. Gastly is very useful with the flying gym, but all you can do is put Pokemon to sleep. I would replace Raichu with Ampharos, because you get pikachu very late in the game. Lapras is okay, but I would replace it with either Tentacruel, Slowbro or Lanturn, which are both bulky Pokemon. It's gonna take you a while to get Dragonite, so once you get the Dratini with Extremespeed, I would trade it to a friend who can level it up. Until then, just use Lugia.

Here are the final sets I would recommend:

- Aromatherapy
- Body Slam
- Poisonpowder
- Magical Leaf

- Fire Punch
- Thunderbolt
- Signal Beam
- Power Gem

- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Hypnosis
- Dream Eater

- Blizzard
- Toxic Spikes
- Surf
- Barrier

- Blizzard
- Surf
- Psychic
- Whatever you want

- Stockpile
- Surf
- Blizzard
- Thunder

- Fly
- Extremspeed/Fire Punch
- Dragon Rush
- Dragon Dance

For Lugia you can use whatever you want.

Hope I helped!

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i was gonna trade over piachu from platinum
And thx :P
No problem :)