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I want to do a fishing chain for shiny Pokemon but I don't want my untrained Swalot in front of my party.

I don't think so, and the Pokemon has to be infront of your party as well, otherwise it won't work.
I think he means if the swalot if fainted, meaning that the next pokemon in his party will go, will it still work
Hmm... By that, i don't think so. But if it's like a HM, maybe it will.

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Yes, Sticky Hold will still work, even if the Pokemon has fainted. I had low-leveled Malamar with Suction Cups(It is the same as Sticky Hold outside of battle) go to the front of my party while it was fainted. It still worked because the ability's effect outside of battle does not rely on the Pokemon to be healthy in your party.

Hope this helped!

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Yes, it does.