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I want to EV train my Sceptile for competitive use.

Why don't you just use the super trainer. Supper easy and precise EV training without having to battle. Full EV training in about 30min or less.
You have to do level 3 of whatever stat 21 times to be fully trained while it only takes 6 hordes with the correct power item and pokerus to be fully trained  and you also level up while getting evs
I thought that in new generations, the effects of EVs kick in automatically so EVs could be reset and rearranged on even level 100 mons

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The best way would be to take a Pokémon with Sweet Scent in your party to either Route 119 or Route 104. Make sure Sceptile knows a spread move like Rock Slide. Use Sweet Scent to make a horde appear. Give Sceptile the appropriate power item, either the Power Anklet or Power Lens, available at the Battle Maison.

• Route 119 hordes contain Oddish, which yield Sp. Attack EVs. Have Sceptile hold the Power Lens.

• Route 104 hordes contain either Wingull, Zigzagoon, or Taillow, all of which yield Speed EVs. Have Sceptile hold the Power Anklet.

For more information, read here. Happy horde hunting!

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Speed: Cave Of Origin, Zubats.

Special Attack: Route 119, Oddishes.

You can use Sweet Scent to summon a horde (zubat/oddish horde 100% of the time), which will get you 5 EVs per horde. Add in pokérus and some EV items, and this number can become large enough to only need to battle a few hordes.