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I just really need to know where to get good EV training for my Pokemon's defense and special defense.


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The quickest and most efficient way to EV train is by using horde battles, which can be encountered 100% of the time by using Sweet Scent. By horde training, you get 5 times the amount of EVs you would get from defeating one Pokemon, and with the proper items and Pokerus you can get up to 50 EVs just from one horde battle, depending on the Pokemon in the horde. Below are the best spots for this method:

HP: Rusturf Tunnel (Whismur hordes)
Attack: Mt. Pyre (Shuppet hordes)
Defense: route 111 (Sandshrew hordes)
Special Attack: Route 119 (Oddish hordes)
Special Defense: Route 115 (Swablu hordes)
Speed: Cave of Origin (Zubat Hordes)


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Route 111 Sandshrew each give 1 ev. 100% horde encounter rate.
Caution Route 111 is always a sandstorm, watch your HP, also Some of the sandshrew have Sand Veil increasing ther Evasivness.

Special Defense
Route 115 Swablu each give 1 ev. 100% horde encounter rate.