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my Mega charizard x moveset is:

dragon claw

is this a good moveset for a One Hit KO please help me

I'm not quite sure what this is asking…?
Flamethrower fly Chaizard X is gonna be new meta.

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If you want a set more capable of getting a ohko this may work for you
Charizard X
252 Atk, 252 spd, 4 Hp
-Dragon Dance
-Flare Blitz
-Outrage/Dragon Claw

Dragon dance will increase you Charizard X speed which will allow it to move first if your opponent is not scarfted or has gotten a speed increase of their own and their base speed is higher than yours and it will also increase your attack power which will allow you to hit hard. You two good STAB moves and the rest for coverage.

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i know got fire punch dragon dance dragon claw and earthquacke. i know that roost is a good option as well but i need all the other moves and that's why i have fire punch instead of flare blitz. if you want to know my charizard has a lonely nature
All of these attacks have horibble side affects an I would heavily sugest not using any of them.
The only one I can see having a bad side effect is Flare Blitz, due to recoil. And typically Charizard isn't gonna last long in battle anyway, so it's best to destroy as many of your opponents Pokémon with raw power before going down yourself.
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In general, this is not a good moveset. Many of the attacks have side effects that are definitly not benificial. I would switch flamethrower with heatwave, as heatwave is much stronger and has the effect of doing damage to all enimies. This is very much like earthquake, exept that it dosent damage allies, like earthquake does. I would switch dragon claw with dragon tail, because it does not change the type and helps protect aginst Pokemon that can 1 hit KO your charizard. It does do slightly less damage, but in this case, it is best to make that sacrafice. Fly is not a good attack and should definitly be removed. I would suggest dig, as it totaly protects charizard from all attacks, if for some reason, you chose not to mega evolve it. Lastly, I would switch earthquake out for solar beam as it is a very good attack if you want to do 1 hit KOs. It also covers several more of your weaknesses and is good aginst several types that none of your other moves cover. If you want a full sugestion of what moves I sugest, go to the question What Is a Good Moveset For Charizard? I hope you read this and it helped.

He never said this is for doubles, so earthquake is still a good move. Mega Charizard X has relatively weak special attack, so heat wave is a bad idea. Dragon tail is weak and is low priority, so the opponent gets a chance to move before getting hit. Dig and solar beam only serve to give opponents a free turn to switch into a Pokemon that resists those attacks. They can also use that turn to use a status move like stealth rock, dragon dance, or recover.
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Try This
-Get rid of Flamethrower and add
Flare Blitz
Flare Blitz is a base 120 Fire Type move that greatly benefits from Zard X's ability and is boosted to insane levels
After 1.3x Multiplier from its Tough Claws Its BP becomes 156
Then after STAB Flare Blitz will become a Whopping Base 234 Physical Fire Move

The Rest Of Your set is good as
Dragon Claw becomes a base 156 Dragon Type Move, and
Earthquake is a spammable move with no drawbacks
However Fly is a bad move on Zard X it does get boosted by its ability Tough Claws but can easily be avoided with moves like protect or the opponent switching out into something to counter it

Instead Possibly Replace it with these moves
-Dragon Dance a nice move that boost Atk and Speed by one stage whoch can allow Zard to sweep (obtained Via Egg Moves)
-Roost an easier to get option that heals 50 percent of your HP and is great coupled with Flare Blitz


And Calculations of moves Except Earthquake and Fly Were done by multiplying 1.33 (Tough Claws) and then multiplying by 1.5 (Stab)