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I am really curious to know "WHO IS ASH'S FATHER" they have NEVER EVER mentioned about Ash's FATHER in the cartoon......Does anyone one know who??

Please don't hide or ignore my question I am really curious to know the answer

help me

Thank you in advance

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While Akantor's answer may be good at surface level, it leaves much to be desired.
Ash's dad cannot be Red, mostly because the game and the anime are not connected and/or in the same universe, and even if they were connected via the Multiverse Theory (as I and GrimeTime, who back in the day was known as Astro, analized in this question) Red couldn't be Ash father for the following simple reasons:

• Brock and Misty, whom Red defeated during the games, have yet to age in the slightest by the time Ash meets them.
And even if we take into account the fact that people don't age in the anime, keep in mind that's a prerogative exclusive of Ash (as I also explain in this answer) due to a marcheting necessity.

• Also, Red and Ash are (and you have to not jump at me on this one, cause I know what I'm about to say will piss a lot of people off) the same person.
As in counterparts. Just as Gary and Green/Blue are the same person.
There wouldn't be a reason to have Red as Ash father if they would have the same rivals, they would just make Red the protagonist instead.

• And come on, what are the chances of literally no one ever mentioning your father being one of the greatest trainers in the world, which just so happens to come from the same town you are coming from, have the same yellow mouse you have, had beaten two of the people you spent around a year with (with them not even mentioning him ever), and being the pupil and a close friend of the man who, by coincidence, started your pokémon journey and who is now most likely spending most of his days in the same house your mother, and by reasoning his pupil's wife, lives in.

There are a lot of candidates fathers for Ash, but while Red is a fan's favorite, it's also the most unlikely.
By the way, TheJWittz made a video on this topic which you'll definitely find interesting.
I highly recommend you to watch it.
The guy he brings up as Ash's father would most likely fit into the anime's canon, but I won't spoil the surprise ;)

Hope this helped you somehow!

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Back in the good ol' days…
Nobody ages in the Anime. Ash has been 10 for over 15 years..... :3
I see you looked at it better than i did and really i see that origons and the anime cannot be connected
that video makes me doubt silver is ash's father anyway   The BA is yours
I am not allowed to go into links. Could someone please explain what the JWittz video in the answer above said?
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A lot of evidence in the show and Pokemon origons points to Red being Ash's father. I will go through all the evidence.
•In an early episode of the original series in the anime Ash talks to his mum and she says by the time his father got to pewter city he had only had his Pokemon for approximately 5 days and in origons when Red is outside Pewter city gym a boy and girl ask how long has Red had his Pokemon and he says he has had them for 5 days.
•There is a flashback scene somwhere in the anime where ash is shown with a man who has a Rapidash. As if he is an important character you do not see his face!
•However, in the anime Mewtwo shows up in the first movie but in origons Mewtwo was caught by Red giving more evidence to the Parallel universe in which Mega evolution exists in one universe and not the other.
However, Red could still exist in Ash's universe he just might not have caught the legendaries. People also believe that Red isn't Ash's father and that Giovanni could be. Some people don't care who is father is, So maybe his father was purposefully shrouded in mystery. I guess we'll never know who is his father.

if i don't get any other answer better than yours......Then the BA would be yours
And there is another clue in the anime if you wanted to go check there is a picture in ash's hall near the door in his house however you cant see who the picture is of as if its hiding something