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People were complaining that dragons were too OP, so Gamefreak added fairy type. Now suppose they did not add any new types, and instead added a move. For the sake of this question, I'll call it "stealthcicle". It's like stealth rock, but ice type. "Stealthcicle" and stealth rock replace one another when used while the other is present. Since many powerful dragon Pokemon, like Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza, and Garchomp, have a 4 times weakness to ice, would this nerf dragons as much as or more than fairy type would?

It may have helped nerf dragons, but I feel like it wouldn't do it as well as fairy did.  It would take an extra turn to set up, which is costly.  Rapid spin, defog etc. would be able to bring dragons up to their full powerful self.

I think it still would have slightly nerfed dragon, but not as much as was needed.
stealth rock was able to bring Articuno, which was BL before stealth rock, directly to NU.  Why can't we do the same to dragons?
I think Articuno is slightly different because it's just one pokemon.  People won't make sure they are carrying AT LEAST one defogger, rapid spinner etc. on their team just for articuno, but if it was for all of the dragons, then people would be much more likely to carry something to clear hazards on their team.
Doesn't everyone already carry a Spinner/Defogger anyways?
Normally but it isn't required. Many dragons and their teammates are quite good with SR and bulky teams in general don't need a spinner, Adding a new hazard wouldn't necessarily decrease the usability of dragons, but more increase the usability of spinners/defoggers instead for offensive teams or maybe just push balanced or bulky teams over offence.

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Unfortunately, No.
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1, entire sets could be built around the countering, or counter countering, of that one move.

2, Ice types would still be the only Pokemon that could hit Dragons hard, and they are fragile, and though water types can sub, they don't have stab

3, the fairy type made poison types and steel types more powerful as well.

4, the fairy type can be dual typed, and has one of the smallest types in Pokemon. Furthermore, there is more then one fairy move, and it was added with the mega evolution. All of these variables at once caused so many changes no one could be a problem, where one move added with a specific purpose can cause chaos.

5, fairy types are unique, weak to two usable yet neglected types, poison and steel, immune to dragon altogether, and a space attacking type weaker then psychic, yet strong then ice. adding (though many including myself were reluctant to admit it) much needed diversity.

6, and duel fairies such as Mega-Altaria, and Gardavior are some of my new favorites.

Some the Fairy type was the system update Pokemon needed, rather then the patch one move would have been.

So, No, it wouldn't work. However the idea itself was rather clever, and a valid point, in fact in gen 4 it might have been an option.

Hope I helped

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the answer's great, yet I hate it so much...
P.S. steel wasn't really neglected. until gen 6, it was a great type to have on many monotype teams because of its ability to neutralize weaknesses. That was pretty much it, though....Oh, and the curse gyro ball combo was good.
Steel is great. it simply has a larger presences now, this includes steel type moves, not just pokemon
I'd say steel's presence actually took a hit losing it's resistances. Fairy's power against dark also counteracts steel nerf somewhat