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I am replaying Pokémon X, and I was just hoping someone could help me to decide whether I should use, Jolteon, Umbreon, or Leafeon. I haven't decided my full team yet, but I have most of them chosen.
I hope to use Charizard, Lapras, Heracross, Persian, and I haven't figured out who else to use as my sixth Pokémon. Please help me, and thanks in advance. :) Also, can you reccoment a sixth Pokémon for me to use please?

You will need Umbreon, I am not saying that because I like that Pokemon. I'm saying that because Leafeon has too many weakness, Jolteon and Umbreon has a fair amount. But Dark type tend (most of the time) win the battles. So do Umbreon.
Did I help at all?
Yeah thanks!
I actually did choose Umbreon, one of the best decisions of my life, for reals! :)

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As for which Eeveelution you should choose, I have to say Leafeon because it counters your teams big weakness to Rock with its Grass Type attacks and has the defense to protect itself from said Rocks (most Rock moves are physical, after all). Coverage can be very important, even ingame.

And for a sixth Pokemon, you should choose something that isn't the type of any of your other Pokemon and can cover types well, such as a Fairy Type. How about Gardevoir? It's powerful enough without its mega evolution, so it can still fend for itself in battle. Gardevoir also has amazing coverage with its Psychic and Fairy attacks, along with access to other moves like Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt.

Hope I helped!

Thanks a lot, I think I will go with Leafeon, although I'll probably replace Heracross with Flygon. Also, as much as I like Gardevoir, I was thinking of having a Pokémon from Kalos in my team, anyone from Kalos besides the starters and legendaries that you'd recommend?
A 6th gen Pokemon, huh? Hm...  how about Florges? It's a very strong Fairy Type and can learn pretty good moves such as Moonblast, Psychic and Petal Dance. :)
Florges is a little bit boring tbh, it works most efficiently with a defensive playstyle, and who wants to use that. I would recommend slurpuff, it does require a bit of trading and you do need  whipped dream, but it has a much better movepool and better offensive stats.
I personally only find Slurpuff good if it has its hidden ability and Belly Drum... but that's my opinion lol
Maybe in the competitive scene but completely unironically, Verlisify uses a pretty good set with play rough drain punch aromatherapy, stuff like that
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1.) My opinion is Umbreon, because he looks cool and he's a dark type. On the contrary tho Leafeon is KAWAII. And Jolteon has really good power, its always the thunder types with massive amounts of power... So prolly Jolteon.....

2.) A good 6th party member in my opinion would be one of the Dinosaur Fossil guys who's named I can't recall XD...

I genuinely hoped my assistance was helpful...

Thanks very much, I'm probably not going to use umbreon anymore, I may go with Leafeon. Also, I already used Tyrantrum, so I may not use him again, but thanks a million. :)