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Looking at its stats and moves, I was thinking that this little guy could come in handy as a little cup Eviolite special wall on Battle Spot.. So what do you guys think is the best moveset for him?

EDIT: And just so everyone knows, when I say Little Cup I dont mean the Smogon tier. Just an Eviolite Spoink on ordinary competitive play. I'm not really a Smogon fan.

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Thunder Wave
Light Screen
Skill Swap

But honestly, Spoink does not have a great standing in LC. You might want to find something else.

Uhh... When I said competitive play I didnt mean smogon.
But Little Cup is a Smogon tier, isn't it? There's the occasional Wi-Fi tourney but it's essentially the same thing.
Yes, but evoltite pre evolutions can be used on 3ds battle spot too. And besides, I didnt know that little cup was a smogon teir until just now. Im not that intrested in the whole smogon system. Im more of a battle spot kind of guy.
I share your status. I didn't mention Smogon. Not sure where you got that from.  Anyone can tell you I'm opposed to Smogon greatly.  Kinda hard to get an LC opponent on Battle Spot. I answered based on what I would use if forced to use spoink in an LC event. Lol notice the lack of overly used Smogon moves? No switch traps or counters? Just raw pork chop interruption strategy.
1 word, 3 sylables: E-VOLT-ITE
You aren't making sense. I didn't say Evoltite. I saw you say you wanted to use it. So. .. use it. This is a great move set from a terrible Pokemon. What am I not understanding?
No no, you're pretty much getting what i'm saying here.