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So, I was on a wonder trade spree and I ended up getting many good trades, especially a Celebi. The only problem with this Celebi is that I don't know if it is legit. It has modest nature, the arrival date is 3/3/2014, it's from Pokemon Link, the level arrived is Lv.10, it has "takes plenty of siestas" characteristic, it is in a premier ball, and it has that moves: Giga Drain, Heal Bell, Recover and Thunder Wave. So, is this Pokemon legit ???

Could you provide a bit more information, such as the OT?
The OT is Dempsey

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Your Celebi is completely legit, other than the the fact that it is in a Premier Ball. So, it seems that your Celebi is hacked, as the only Pokeballs (To my understanding.) that Celebi can be in are Pokeballs, Cherish Balls, and Luxury Balls.