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Recently I've been wonder trading a lot and I got a shiny Haunter, but I'm not sure if it is legit. It's a female Hauter from USA, the OT is Jessie (not me), it is on a normal pokeball, timid nature, it came from an egg from 11/04/2014, from the day care helpers, the egg hatched 01/24/2016 in Lumiose City, with the characteristic "capable of taking hits", it has a red star and a blue pentagon, under its image. So, is this legit or fake ???

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The red star means its shiny. Congrats!

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From all of the info you've given, this Haunter seems perfectly legit.
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The Haunter hatched, so the regular pokeball is a good sign. Everything else seems normal as well, so yeah, this Pokemon is legit.

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