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I know theres machoke, haunter, and kadabra, but who are the rest


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Well, like you said, there is Machoke > Machamp, Haunter > Gengar, and Kadabra > Alakazam, but there are more.

Graveler > Golem
Clamperl (holding Deepseatooth) > Huntail
Clamperl (holding Deepseascale) > Gorebyss
Porygon(holding an item I forget the name of) > Porygon2
Porygon2 (holding Dubious Disk) > Porygon-Z
Rhydon (holding Protector) > Rhyperior
Electabuzz (holding Electrizer) > Electrove
Magmar (holding Magmarizer) > Magmortar
Gurdurr > Conkeldurr

There are still more I can't name of the top of my head. You know, if you go to Evolution Chains on this website you can use the Filter Evolution By Trading button to get all of them.

Hey you forgot boldore
Where's Dusclops?!
To evolve the Porygon it need to be holding Up-Grade
You forgot Poliwhirl to Politoed!
Trade Karrablast for Shelmet and Shelmet for Karrablast and they'll evolve into Escavalier and Eccelgor =P good job naming those ones so far though, Swampert!
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Here's a link to all off them:
Some pokemon need to hold an item
when they are traded.

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