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I got a shiny max IVs jolly lucario with egg moves bullet punch, high jump kick, crunch and blaze kick. My first instinct is that it's hacked but i'd like to know for sure before I toss it.

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Check for a blue pentagon in the Lucario's summary. If it's there, it was born in a Gen. VI game which means it's not hacked. Also check where it was born and if it was actually hatched. Check the ribbons to make sure it doesn't have all of them or ribbons of shouldnt have. Lastly, check if you can use it online. If it keeps kicking you out, then it's probably hacked.

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Thanks so much!! It looks like it isn't hacked!! I can't wait to use it!!
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Well, if the description says its caught somewhere, it is hacked, because, as you said, it has egg moves. If it has sketchy stats, like 999 Attack, then its probably hacked, but at first sight it doesn't look hacked. Go to the Memory Girl next to the Lilycove City Pokemon Center, and if she says that it has a good memory, but can't remember, and the Pokemon has a blue pentagon next to the markings(circle, square, star, that stuff), then it is hacked, because as far as I know, there has never been a shiny Riolu/Lucario distribution in ORAS/XY, assuming that's what you're playing.

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