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It's unfair that Charizard got 2 mega evolutions to choose from, while Venusaur and Blastoise (who are both much better) only got one. Could someone tell me why Charizard got two and not just one?

Probably because Charizard was more popular.
It disgusts me. Blastoise is much better.
C'mon guys, we all know that Venusaur was the most popular AND was the best.
My sarcasm meter is going through the roof.
Bulbasaur, represent!
Venusaur is obviously the best. I mean, which other starter can get a super effective STAB attack that no fairies (except Klefki and Mawile) can resist?
Charizard is the best, and the most popular. It makes total since that it got two Mega Evolutions. I don't get why Mewtwo got two Mega Evolutions though...

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The best answer for this is that Charizard is, along with Pikachu and maybe Mewtwo, the most recognizable Pokémon. It has been a fan favorite since 1998 and is still going strong. Blastoise and Venusaur are both iconic, sure, but not so much as Charizard.

Also remember, Mega Evolution was introduced in XY. X and Y were supposed to appeal to older Pokémon fans through nostalgia, bringing back a lot of appealing stuff from Gen I, the most obvious being the Kanto starters and Mewtwo. In order to strengthen the nostalgia, not only did they give the Kanto starters Mega Evolutions, but they gave the beloved Charizard two (they also did this with the equally beloved Mewtwo).

TL;DR Charizard got two Mega Evolutions because Pokémon fans, particularly the older ones, really really really love Charizard.

(Footnote: Venusaur is the best starter, in all seriousness.)

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But aqua ring only heals 1/16 of the max HP per turn, and sweeping makes the game end too quickly.
FACT: Venusaur > Blastoise > Charizard.
Mm... maybe they should just give the other two a second mega evolution, then everyone's going to be happy. Maybe. Honestly, out of all the starters thus far, Chimchar has to be my all-time fave. Only fighting type I like. Lucario... Liked it once, now I'm just burnt out on it entirely. They NEED to go back over all the Pokemon they've made and overhaul a ton. I'm tired of seeing the same 20-25 Pokemon in competitive, getting really sad.
If you're tired of seeing the same 20-25 Pokemon in competitive, try alternating between anything goes and LCUU. What we REALLY need are 4 mega evolutions for Venusaur. (and still only two mega Charizards and one mega Blastoise)
Filth. M-Venusaur is already broken. Blastoise requires about 45^6565654545 Megas
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I think they wanted Ash to have his Charizard mega evolve at one point but wanted him to remain different from the Charizard used by the opposition. Remember, out of the 3 Kanto region starters in Ashes ownership, Charizard was the only one to evolve. Bulbasaur refused to evolve from the start. Squirtle is seen as the leader of the Squirtle squad and opposed it's evolutions' Squads as a Fire fighting group. Out of all of Ashes Pokemon, it is in reality the only one capable of mega evolving. It's closest to him emotionally as seen when he brings it back out in the black/White series while traveling with N. I doubt he'll mega evolve Glalie.

To recap,
- Charizard is the only Pokemon Ash can mega evolve.
- Team Flare has that guy with a Charizadrite X.
- it'd be awkward to write a storyline where a protagonist has the exact same Pokemon as an antagonist. Wouldn't it just be odd to have a criminal organization use Pikachu?!

Yes. Criminal organizations should use Pikachu more. (the TV show is a criminal organization as far as I'm concerned)
Alola seems to be a water paradise, so a team Sparky would be the most dangerous thing in the region.
uh Heracross, sceptile, glalie ash has these that can mega evolve
very true [filler]