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Me and my friend are having an all kanto no legendaries battle in black and white.
This is My team.

Charizard : Timid EV's 252 Sp ATK 252 SPD @ Leftovers
Flamethrower ( Classic STAB )
Air Slash ( STAB )
Sunny Day ( I have Solar Power )
Solar Beam ( Works with sunny Day )

Overall, I got his dream world ability, so I plan on using it.
Leftovers pretty much counters Solar Power's hp drain.

Pikachu: Jolly EV's 252 ATK 252 SPD @ Evoilite
Wild Charge ( STAB )
Fake Out ( He annoys me, why not annoy whoever I'm fighting? )
Thunder Wave ( Ah, Paralyzis )
Grass Knot ( Gives me something to fight back at ground types with )

Honestly, I always HATED Pikachu, and I know using one will drive me right off the deep end, and I'm pretty sure the moveset could use some serious improvement.

Gyarados: Adamant EV's 252 ATK 252 SPD @ Razor Fang
Dragon Dance ( Power Up )
Water Fall ( Physical STAB )
Ice Fang ( Death? )
Earthquake ( Fixes That little electric weakness )

I love Gyarados.

Alakazam: Timid EV's 252 Sp ATK 252 SPD @ Focus Sash
Calm Mind ( Gotta have that Booster )
Psyshock ( Strong Physcial Damage From An alakazam? Heck Yes! )
Energy Ball ( For the heck of it )
Thunder Bolt ( Its not like Pikachu can do any real Damage )

I didn't put Focus Blast, because if you didn't know, there WEREN'T any dark types in Gen I to get coverage from there.

Snorlax: Adamant EV's 252 DEF 252 HP @ Chesto Berry
Belly Drum ( Max out ATK )
Rest ( Regain Lost Belly Drum HP )
Body Slam ( Death )
Heavy Slam ( Thats gotta Hurt )

Dragonite Adamant EV's 252 ATK 252 SPD @ Dragon Plate
Dragon Dance ( Stats )
Outrage ( STAB )
Brick Break ( Coverage )
Giga Impact ( To finish it All )

Any Pointers or Thoughts?

I think it's a really good team considering it's limited only to kanto Pokemon.
You got voted up twice RIGHT AFTER you asked the question, you have to be cheating!!
How would he be able to cheat?

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Your movesets are pretty good, exept for that Pikachu of yours. The Eviolite won't be effective and its basically better to roll with the Light Ball for an eligible sweeper. Your items also need a change:

[email protected] Orb
[email protected] Ball
[email protected] Sash(good choice)
[email protected]/Petaya berry
[email protected]/Chesto Berry
[email protected] Orb

Hope This helps..

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Everything's good except pikachu.
pikachu light ball brave nature
volt tackle(STAB but only acquired through breeding 2 pikachu with the female holding light ball)
iron tail
rain dance
thunder(STAB and combined with rain dance never miss)