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I have a shiny level 23 female Eevee. I have max affection and enjoyment on it. I have leveled it up 5 or more times in the tall grass and it won't evolve into Sylveon. It has Baby Doll Eyes for a fairy move. Is there something new in Sun & Moon that has to be done to evolve her ?

Maybe it has something to do with Amie being replaced by Refresh. I don't know how to help you, but I wish the best of luck on evolving it.
Where did you get a shiny?? AND a FEMALE??? You are so lucky!
Did you get it in a trade?
@Shiny Diancie I got it by the new calling for help feature. Its good for shiny chaining.

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You must give Eevee a rainbow bean. When you have access to Poke Pelego, you are able to find a rainbow bean. When she eats it, go into a Pokemon battle and level her up! Then she'll evolve!

Source: gearnuke.com/pokemon-sun-moon-evolve-eevee-sylveon/

(Extra fact: Rainbow beans raise you Pokemon's affection a LOT! My one heart Pokemon went to 4 hearts with 1 rainbow bean.)
I hope she evolves! >_~

I've given it 3 rainbow beans, maxed out affection, and literally leveled it up 20 times. I can't find an answer anywhere.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think you need Eevee to have maxed-out enjoyment and fullness before it evolves. I KNOW it doesn't have to be at max hearts to evolve, because mine only had 2 hearts when it evolved. Try getting Eevee to have a little amount of XP left until leveling up, max up Eevee's enjoyment (music notes) and hunger (Poke Beans) stats before going to battle, turn Exp. Share on, and have a different Pokemon battle. That is what I did, and my eevee eevee-olved into Sylveon.

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