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I got a Dawn Stone from super training, should I get a Gallade or a Gardevoir?
my full team will be Swampert, Shiftree, Gallade/Gardevoir, Camerupt, Slaking, and Crobat.
Please help!

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I personally suggest Gallade.
I'm not sure if these questions are allowed, but I would suggest Gallade because it isn't fairy type.
It depends, what is it's gender and nature.

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it depends on the gender mostly. if it's a girl you have no choice, you have to evolve it into a Gardevoir. If it's a boy, then you can evolve it into either Gallade or Gardevoir. it also depends on the stats. if the Kirlia's stats favor ATTACK more than SP.ATTACK, then evolve it into a Gallade. If it's stats favor SP.ATTACK more that ATTACK, then evolve it into a Gardevoir.
What follows is a moveset for each (the item is up to you):
Gardevoir / / Gallade
Dazzling Gleam / / Psycho Cut
Focus Blast / / Close Combat
Misty Terrain / / Leaf Blade
Protect/Toxic / / Protect

these are both great for your team, since it seems to be a mix of tanks and attackers
Tanks: Swampert, Camerupt, Slaking
Attackers: Shiftree, Crobat

Blazing mayby I will but  this is what ill be  running on gallade/gaurdivore
gallade dazziling gleam ( I need a dragon killer) phyco cut leaf blade and drain punch
gaurdivore moonblast draining kiss phycic dazziling gleam
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if you want fighting moves and amazing attack...its bulk up can be very good at times then ..gallade but its defense is low... for fairy moves or even a good psychic Pokemon gardeviour is amazing in all aspects

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Maybe you should focus on what each is weak to. Gardevoir is weak to these types: Poison, Ghost, Steel. Gallade is weak to these types: Flying, Ghost, Fairy. It also depends on what game you are playing: X/Y, Alpha Sapphire/Omega ruby, or Sun/Moon if you want to mega evolve it.
You can get Gardevoirite in X/Y, but you can't get Galladite.
You can get both mega stones in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.
You can't get any of the mega stones in Sun/Moon.
If you get enough BP at wherever you get BP in your game, you should be able to teach Gardevoir Hyper Voice. If you mega evolve it, it's ability becomes Pixilate, which turns any normal type moves it knows into fairy type moves. When a mega Gardevoir uses Hyper Voice, it does MASSIVE damage.
I don't know much about Gallade, but I've heard, that as a mega it is awesome. I've also heard that Gallade can learn a bunch of useful moves like Ice Punch to deal with any flying type Pokemon that are in your way.
So, in the end, it is really your choice.