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As you know, Acrobatics is a move which as a base power of a decent (not really) 55. However, it boosts to 110 if the user is not holding an item and boosts to 165 if the user is holding a Flying Gem.

Technician is an ability, which boosts the power of moves which have a base power of 60, or lower by 50%. Example: Tackle (Power 40 in S&M, Power 50 in Gen 5 and 6) would be boosted to 60 in S&M and 75 in Gen 5 and 6.

So Acrobatics be boosted to 165(same power as with flying gem power) and would it be boosted to 220 or even an OP 247.5(Sorry if I calculated it wrong because I don't know how to calculate Pokémon damage)

So would that happen or not? Like in technician's description it says "if Magnitude hits at level 6, it will be boosted from 50 to 75, but level 7 will stay at 70 power" So will it affect or not affect certain moves like Rollout too?

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When you are not holding an item, the base power of Acrobatics will be doubled. Technician is applied after any changes in power attached to the move by default. Therefore Technician will not apply.

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Thanks, but does it affect moves like rollout when they have have a higher power?
I would assume based on the mechanics of Technician that it will get the boost every time Rollout hits with 60 base power or less. This is also a bit unrelated, but it is also worth noting that Technician does apply before STAB, so with a STAB Rollout at 60 power, it will be 135 base power with Technician added.
ok thanks JarJar~