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This list is incomplete. For example, it's missing information about how hyper beam was nerfed in Generation 2, or how payback was nerfed in Generation 5. Can I get a complete list of nerfed moves?

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Dark Void in Gen 6 had a 80% Accuracy while in Gen 7 has a 50% accuracy
This is actually a good question, not sure why it has a downvote
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1 move that really got nurfed was Darkrai's "Dark Void" (Which has a 50% chance of making both opponents asleep in double and single battles). Back before gen 6, it had an 80% chance of making both opponents go to sleep, combine that with its speed, special attack, Its ability "Bad Dreams"( which deals 1/8 of damage to a sleeping tarkets health), and the moves dream eater, focus blast, and shadow ball and you could hit every pokemon and have a high propability to make them both go to sleep.
Fire bLast and Blizzard were

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