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I took some of my Pokemon from Sun and put them into PokeBank, but when I tried to put them into my PC box in Y, the Pokemon won't go in. I am not using any Gen 7 Pokemon. Is there a reason for it? If it helps, the Pokemon I am trying to transfer are:

  • Sylveon
  • Pancham
  • Leafeon
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Unfortunately, any Pokemon from Gen 7 or that has been transferred to Gen 7 cannot go back to Gen 6 games. When using Bank with a Gen 6 game, Pokemon that cannot be sent to back/into Gen 6 will be highlighted in white. Hope I helped.

Source: Experience & Testing

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Thanks! I guess I won't be able to bribe my sister into getting that Altria and Farfetch'd... I guess I will just have to ask very nicey or just wait until she unlocks the Daycare...