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The Ditto is LVL 26 and the Lunala is LVL 59!!! The lady says the are doing just fine but they don't seem to like playing together, though...

If you have any idea of what to do please tell me! Thanks!

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I'm guessing you're new to pokemon
yep... Pokemon Moon is my first Pokemon game I ever played ( NOT INCLUDING POKEMON GO )
Even though this question's already been answered, I think this should be mentioned:  When you have two pokemon in the day-care, talking to the Day-Care Man will give a response based on their compatibility.  If he says something along the lines of "they prefer to play with other pokemon rather than each other" then they are incompatible.  Any other response means that they can breed.
legendaries cant breed with other pokemon(only Manaphy can breed)

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Even though Lunala is an evolved form, it's still a legendary. It is the first ever legendary, alonside Solgaleo, to evolve. But like all other legendaries, it still can't breed.

If you want a Cosmog, take your Lunala to the altar of the moon at day time in game (night time irl) and go through the portal. Then you will be in a reverse world. Fly to the lake of the moon (which was called the lake of the sun before), go to the platform in the lake, and you will get a Cosmog. Then go back to the altar and you can return to your normal world.

If the daycare person says "but they don't seem to like playing together, though..." it means the two Pokemon you have deposited can't breed for whatever reason.

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Mention that it is in the undiscovered egg group, and that Manaphy is the only legend that can breed.
Well that's been mentioned now by you.
When you say get a Cosmog, does that mean your Lunala will get replaced by one or that you'll keep your Lunala and the Cosmog?