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I'm starting to get into the competitive side of Pokémon and I've noticed that some competitors use Pokémon Showdown to build the Pokémon they need, and I wanna start using that. I ask how do you send the Pokémon you built on showdown to a 3DS (Note: this is a regular 3DS). Please use very straight forward instructions I'm not great with computers.
And can you transfer mons into Sun and Moon? I'm asking cuz all I've seen are old videos with ORAS.


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You can't. Pokemon Showdown! is it's own thing. Think of it as a separate battle simulator from the actual game. The closest thing you can get to it is that a program called pkHeX has a feature that lets you just put a Pokemon from showdown in to create, but you would need to mod your 3ds to have Homebrew, and that would be a whole other thing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuyT6w1KinA <-- tutorial on how to get homebrew and use pkHeX. I can tell you that it works on 11.3.0-36 also, because I'm running it on that.
note: Always back up your save file!
(Also on the websites that ask for the 3ds version, put in the one you see on your system settings)
I hope I helped!

(PS: If you don't want to mod your 3ds, I would try powersaves 3ds. They are around 15$ USD)
If you're anti-hacking, then what I would suggest is for you to build and test your team on Showdown!, then, once you're comfortable with your team, breed it into the game. This will let give you a "preview" of your team before having to dedicate the time it takes to breed in in-game.  Here's a handy breeding guide if you need help:
This is a good way on how to get 5-6 iv Dittos. https://pokemongohub.net/pokemon-sun-moon-perfect-6iv-ditto-guide/