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Serperior lvl 43
mega drain
leaf blade
conkeldurr lvl 43
rock slide
chip away
wake-up slap
reuniclus lvl 45(obtained from black,got from friend,pimped the moves)
energy ball
shadow ball(WILL replace with focus blast)
accelgor lvl 43
me first
giga drain
struggle bug(can't really get any better moves,will take suggestions for replacements for protect/struggle bug)
chandelure lvl 43
shadow ball
fire blast
calm mind(traded to black to teach)
energy ball(traded to black to teach)
golurk lvl 48 klutz(so you don't dare to suggest iron fist boosts,obtained from black)
heavy slam
fly(UNEXPECTED,pretty freakin' cool)
and I WILL NOT take suggestions for status sets,only want pure attack sets.me first,calm mind and coil are staying.

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It's pretty good but here's some things you should change.

Serperior- pretty good but when you level it up some more(which you should)you HAVE to get Giga Drain.
Conkeldurr- I've gotta say if you don't like status moves why don't you get DyanamicPunch?!! Its much better
Reuniclus-Nice. well rounded. make sure it has Overcoat.
Accelgor-Have it delete Struggle Bug for a more powerful stab- like U-Turn also 1 more level and you can learn Bug Buzz.
Chandelure- Great! Better than what I thought.
Golurk- Make it forget Curse(this is optional, I don't think too highly of this move) Also, why does Golurk learn Fly!!??

You have to read its pokedex description.it says something about flying across the skys at mach speed.
It's pretty awesome that an effective pokemon like Golurk can learn Fly!!